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Update from Israel

The Virtual tour

The Galilee Academy

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Virtual tour - Your entire tour in the Land of the Bible
Guided by Ronny Simon and Nir Nitzan and without the Cost OR the need to fly and use hotels – the whole tour from the comfort of your living room.

Log into our website and purchase the virtual tour
OR get the manual version on a flash drive.


• Seminars - Our Online School will offer 4 Seminars each semester. Every seminar will include 4-6 classes, guided by Ronny Simon, Nir Nitzan and the best guest speakers


The Galilee Academy Offers a large selection of Educational tours of Israel with  Focus on the Biblical History and Geography of the land of the Bible.
We will make the Bible come alive in the same places where biblical events actually happened.

We will create with you and for you a tour of a lifetime!! Step by step we will walk the land of the bible
Your Israel tour will be an opportunity for fellowship - getting to know
each other better and getting some "prime time" with your leaders.
This will be an opportunity to study and teach the Bible at the actual site of the events.

Free Academic Library

Rich Source of Information Of the Biblical History and Geography with an Active Blog and weekly updates as well as Q&A section to help you learn more and understand better all that you read and learn


A collection of educational product we have produced over the years as well as Local Jewelry and special gifts
All within a short package by mail from, you 

The Galilee Academy
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Updates from Israel's Antiquities Authority

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