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The Galilee Academy Team Leaders,
Nir Nitzan and Ronny Simon

Ronny Simon
Nir Nitzan

Nir and Ronny are Israeli historians and tour guides living and working in Israel.


In their more than thirty years of contact and engagement with the Christian Evangelical world, Nir and Ronny have been delighted to discover that Evangelical Christians have a deep desire to know more about the Land of Israel and its Biblical history, as well as about the Jewish world and the Jewish people.

Over the years, both have traveled to the United States to lecture in churches, universities and at other venues where they shared their passion for the Land.

Now, they believe, the time has come to establish an educational center in Israel from where they can offer courses and seminars about the Land of the Bible, in the Land of the Bible.

Studies will take place in facilities by the shore of the Sea of Galilee,
surrounded by the green hills and valleys where Abraham and Jesus once walked.

We would like to invite you to be part of Biblical history as you experience the Land and its people
while learning about its past and present and looking into its future.

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