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Our experience has taught us that frontal classes integrated with day trips are the best introduction to Israel,
its history and its beauty.

At the Galilee Academy, we believe that it is vital to have knowledge of the Land's topography, climate, flora and fauna if one is to fully understand its history and that the best way to do this is with your own two feet.


While there is much to learn in the classroom, we believe that nothing compares to the unique adventure of 
"walking the Bible" and feeling history beneath your feet. 

Another fine way to supplement the information provided by the Bible is to focus on 
archeological excavations and to participate in one yourself.


The Galilee Academy offers tours for groups, families and individuals, with a focus on enriching the 
knowledge of all participants with respect to every aspect and face of Israel,
the Bible and the history of Biblical times.

We believe that nothing better complements a life of reading the Bible than a visit to the place where it was written. 
This can only give you a deeper understanding of the Land – its geography, its history and its people.


Some say that not making the visit is like reading all of Shakespeare's plays but never seeing one performed


Our tours are TOTALLY yours
fully tailored to your needs and desires
so that you may choose from the most luxurious hotels
or the most authentic outdoor experiences.


Our service is of the highest quality, completely professional and personalized and every option is itemized.

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