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For those of you that may be more interested in a more academic type of a seminar, the "Galilee Academy" offers seminars that cover a wide range of topics. The objective of the seminars is to teach history, not theology. We would like to provide the back story to the main events that are recorded in the Bible but also to add color by focusing on other events the Bible does not mention. The Bible is not a history book. The Bible focuses on the relationship between God and his people. The Bible often ignores events of world significance that are not connected directly to the Biblical objectives. However, these events had a profound influence on the nation and shaped and formed the local struggle for survival in a very turbulent region. By adding the "back story" we would like to fill up the missing pieces in the life of the nation's history.


The seminar is based on "Pay per view" concept. The lecture will be posted on YouTube. You will receive a code to watch it on You Tube as well. So, if you are not available to participate in the lecture, you are not missing anything. You may ask questions about the information you received. Every participant will enjoy a 5% off the products I offer in the web site. The seminar sells for $60 per person.


All participants will receive full access to Seminars sessions – All sessions will also be recorded SO in case you missed any of the Sessions by participating in the seminar you will have access to the recorded sessions – to watch them as many times as you like.

Seminars Intros