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Operating Instructions

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Dear Friend of the Galilee Academy,

You have just purchased the most unique product we've ever made,
one that does not exist elsewhere.


The One and Only Complete Virtual Tour of Israel.

On the page "The Virtual Tour" of our website - you will find 8 episodes' tour,
each episode is a Tour Day in Israel on the most memorable itinerary.


For your initial Login, Please follow the instructions:

1. Check for the following recieved email titled: "Create Your New Password" - and set a password for your account.

2. Send an email to: and confirm the email to be used for your account.

The Galilee Academy is a unique leading educational center offering:

- Unforgettable tours in Israel tailored to your needs
- The one and only virtual tour of Israel
- Professional seminars and lectures either at your own church or in Israel
- A meaningful and empowering Israeli weekend experience including historical and biblical fascinating encounters, cooking workshop, Israeli Folk dancing and updates from Israel



Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your Virtual Tour in Israel !

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